Production and processing

The Company conducts industrial development of Srednevilyuiskoe and Mastakhskoe gas condensate fields. The annual production is 1.7 billion cubic meters of gas and 93 thousand tons of gas condensate. In terms of the volume of natural gas production, YATEC is among the ten largest gas producing regional companies in Russia.

Over the entire period of its existence, YATEC has supplied consumers with over 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas. YATEC is the only company that supplies gas to central Yakutia, covering alone 100% of demand of Yakutsk City. In addition, YATEC products are supplied to the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District and also exported to the countries of East and Central Asia.

Gas treatment at the fields is carried out at gas treatment plants. Dehydration and gas preparation for transport are done with low-temperature separation.

The finished products at the output from the plant are:

- natural gas corresponding to OST 51.40-93 "Combustible natural gases supplied and transported through main gas pipelines", which is sent to the I and II lines of the main gas pipelines Kysyl-Syr – Mastakh – Berge –Yakutsk owned by Sakhatransneftegaz JSC;

- stable gas condensate corresponding to STO 00153815-001-2017 " Stable gas condensate", used as a raw material in gas condensate processing plants for producing petrol and diesel fractions, as well as a ready-made commercial product;

- liquefied petroleum gas of "Propane-butane automotive" brand, corresponding to GOST R 52087-2003 "Hydrocarbon liquefied petroleum gases. Technical specification”.