Geologic exploration

Yakut Fuel and Energy Company JSC holds licenses for four subsoil plots for geological exploration, prospecting and mining.

At present, exploration works are being carried out at Tolon and Tymtaidakh sites. Tolon site is at the stage of completing exploration works, Tymtaidakh - at the stage of geological survey.

At the same time, in order to increase the reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials and the resource base, YATEC JSC participates in tenders and license rounds held by Rosnedra and Yakutnedra.

The reserves of natural gas of category ABC1 and B2C2 are estimated at 396.2 billion cubic meters, recoverable gas condensate - 17.3 million tons, including:

- within the licensed areas - 363.5 billion cubic meters, recoverable condensate - 15.9 million tons;

- outside the licensed areas - 32.7 billion cubic meters; recoverable condensate - 1.4 million tons.

Main objectives and tasks under the Geological Exploration Strategy:

  • addition to reserves;
  • discovering fields within Tymtaidakh license area.