The history of YATEC started in 1967 with the first practical steps for gasification of the Sakha Republic. For the following 50 years, in the constant struggle with the severe nature of Yakutia, YATEC professionals have been developing new fields, building gas pipelines, supplying households and businesses of the entire region with heat and power   

Over these years, YATEC have been contributing significantly to the social development of Yakutia. The Company has given rise to several dynasties of workers, created thousands of jobs, established dozens of important social facilities.

The year 2007 marked a new historical stage for YATEC, when the Company became a part of the oil and gas unit of Summa Group.

Since that time, the Company has been developing new promising directions, increasing the production, and implementing advanced approaches to the production management.

  • Launching a large-scale project on advanced gas processing.
  • Launching an authorized centre on installing gas equipment. The project aims to make the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) the leader in the use of natural gas motor fuels.
  • The Company started large-scale supply of European natural gas equipment to consumers in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). 
  • The Company started pilot operation at Machchobinskoe field and oil production.
  • Commissioning of the gas treatment plant, first propane-butane produced.
  • Launching the deployment of gas filling stations network.
  • First commercial supply of propane-butane to consumers in Yakutia, Transbaikalia and other regions of the Far Eastern Federal District.
  • Extensive geological exploration resulted in increased reserves by 123 billion cubic meters. The reserves increase totaled to 426.4 billion cubic meters.
  • Successful completion of the well drilling at Machchobinskoe oil and gas field, with first oil inflow.
  • Staring drilling of a gas prospecting well at Tolonskoe field.
  • Boosting the production of antiknock fuels, YATEC introduced a new line of fuels - е-92 and е-96, equivalent to Euro-3 emission standard.
  • Drilling the first oil well at Machchobinskoe oil and gas field of Mirny license area.
  • Staring the construction of the gas treatment plant at Srednevilyuiskoe gas condensate field, YATEC’s main production site.
  • YATEC expanded the filling stations network. The year saw opening of 14 filling stations with latest equipment.
  • YATEC showed a reserves increase at 102 billion cubic meters.
  • The Company started to deploy a network of YATEC filling stations in Yakutsk City and other parts of the republic.