Management Team

Геворкян Рубен Романович
Ruben Gevorkyan
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Gevorkyan is responsible for identifying the Company’s development strategy, making and implementing the financial and economic policy, controlling and managing the operational activities of all divisions, promoting it on the regional and international markets, as well as establishing relationships with government agencies and business structures. He makes key decisions and directives related to positioning the Company in the public and professional community, and implementing the social and personnel policies.

Since 1990, he has held executive and key positions in large Russian industrial companies. Under his leadership, a number of global projects have been implemented in the energy sector and electrical engineering. Prior to joining YATEC, he held key positions in Urals Energy Management Company OJSC, Tyumen Regional Generation Company OJSC, EMF-Holding CJSC, VO Tekhnopromexport OJSC, RT-Energoaktiv, Ltd. and others.

He graduated from Erevan State University in 1988. He is a candidate of historical sciences. He speaks Arabic, French, and Armenian. He is greatly involved in public activities aimed at the design and development of new effective mechanisms and trends in the field of energy efficiency. Since 2008, he has been the chairman of the Energy Efficiency Working Group at Interelectro, an international organization for economic, scientific and technical cooperation in electrical industry. 

Алексеев Андрей Евгеньевич
Andrey Alekseev
Acting Chief Executive Officer

Andrey is responsible for designing the development strategy, monitoring and management of the Company’s operations, building and implementing of the financial and economic policies, including the management of the budget process, compilation of financial and management reports, management of treasury operations and maintenance of financial liquidity, as well as relationships with financial and credit institutions.

Prior to joining the Company in 2015, he held the position of CFO in Priargunsk Production Mining and Chemical Association JSC (Rosatom subsidiary), Rusburmash CJSC, Siberian Service Company CJSC.

He graduated from the State University of Management, majoring in Management in the International Fuel and Energy Complex, and also received an MBA from the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Басалык Сергей Николаевич
Sergey Basalyk
Chief Operating Officer

Sergey deals with developing a strategy for sales of petroleum products and liquefied hydrocarbon gas. In addition, he supervises the deployment of the petroleum and gas filling stations network, and also manages issues related to the activities of the commercial unit. He has vast experience in strategic and investment planning in gas processing and gas distribution companies.

Prior to joining YATEC, he worked in SIBUR Holding PJSC as a project manager.

In 1999, he graduated from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas with major in Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields.

Мадудов Олег Николаевич
Oleg Madudov
First Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Oleg is responsible for human resources management, including the formation of HR strategy, staffing, HR records management, payments and staff motivation. His sphere of professional responsibility also includes interaction with trade unions and relevant state bodies, organization of social work in the Company.

Prior to joining YATEC JSC, he was responsible for HR management at Uralchem, National Non-metallic Company, Priargunsk Mining and Chemical Association (mining division of Rosatom), and Mangazeya Group of Companies.

Черепанов Александр Александрович
Alexander Cherepanov
Chief Technology Officer


Strategic planning and development of production activities of the Company, Implementation of production planning for the extraction, preparation and processing of gas, gas condensate and its products, as well as monitoring the implementation of plans. Product quality control, compliance with state standards, technical conditions. Organization and control of environmental protection activities of the Company. Management of the Company's geological activity and control over compliance with existing licenses. Control and planning of measures for the reconstruction and modernization of the Company's facilities, organization of metrological control over the state and use of measuring instruments, organization of technological process automation.

In 1995, Alexander graduated from Volgograd State Technical University, with the major in Chemical Engineering. In 2015, he underwent retraining at Moscow Technological University under the Strategic Development Management Program.

He worked in senior positions in oil and gas producing companies: OOO UDS Neft, OOO Gaznefteservis, OOO Severneft-Urengoy, OOO Diall Alliance.

Ланин Степан Витальевич
Stepan Lanin
Chief Legal Officer

Stepan is responsible for legal support of the financial and economic activities, legal protection of the economic interests of the Company; monitors compliance of the corporate activities with the law, develops local regulations and other legal documents.

Prior to joining YATEC, he held executive positions in the legal field at Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant OJSC, Metalloinvest CJSC, FSUE Dalspetsstroy, Spetsstroy of Russia, and other large companies.

He graduated from the Moscow State Social University with a degree in Law.

Доронин Игорь Викторович
Igor Doronin
Chief Engineer

He is responsible for managing the largest unit that produces and processes gas and gas condensate. He manages such key issues as the formation of long-term plans for the operation of the Company’s technical division and monitoring the implementation of the tasks related to the processes of gas and gas condensate production and processing.

Prior to joining YATEC, he held executive positions at RN-Sakhalinmorneftegaz LLC.

He graduated from the Ufa State Oil Technical University with a degree in Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields.