Yatec Fuel

Public Stock Company YATEC is the only manufacturer of motor fuel in Yakutia. The company is developing a branded network of stations not only in Yakutsk, but also in Vilyuisk and Kobyai districts. The retail network of YATEC totals 16 fuel stations and 4 gas stations in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). More than 6 thousand customers visit our stations for fuel daily.

We offer five types of fuel:

  • Normal 80
  • Regular 92 
  • Premium 95
  • Diesel
  • Liquid Gas

“Autobonus” program

The company has developed an effective loyalty program “Autobonus” which is being implemented among regular customers. While filling in at our stations with the card “Autobonus” you can accumulate bonuses and use them later for fuel at the rate of 1 bonus equals to 1 ruble.